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George's Beyond

George's Space - July 2008

Welcome to my space. From here I might offer book or article titles that make for interesting reading, news on what I'm doing, an occassional commentary, and links to other interesting things on the Internet. If you have a comment, feel free to post!


News & Writings

Ann is busy working at Borders and cooking fantastic meals, and I am busy supporting university faculty and studying. For my studies, I only have 3 courses left, then I begin the dissertation.

My current recommendation for a great book is "The Quantum Ten" by Sheilla Jones. Jones presents the story of 10 individuals who formulated the beginnings of Quantum Mechanics. It's a really interesting read, and there is no math in this book.

What do you think?

Future of higher education

Do you believe that in the future you should live near the college offering the single course or degree program you wish to take? Where do you want to be when you want to learn?

Please post your thoughts.